Region IV Area Agency on Aging is a private, not-for-profit corporation. Established in 1974 for the business of developing age supportive commerce and services, it plays a major role in planning, funding and delivery of a host of services. Empowerment and independence of the consumer are driving themes behind its efforts. Designated by the State of Michigan to receive federal Older Americans Act funds for planning and development, the corporation manages an array of government contracts for service delivery in southwest Michigan. Its primary service area includes Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren counties.

What Does the Area Agency Do?

In keeping with its mission, the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) performs three primary activities:

  • Advocates on behalf of older and disabled persons
  • Identifies needs of the elderly and disabled, and creates plans for meeting those needs through a system of in-home and community services to enable people to maintain their independence and dignity
  • Administers federal, state, local, and private funds to support those services.

The AAA maintains services largely through contracts and purchase agreements with local provider organizations, and monitors agencies to ensure the job is done in an efficient and effective manner. Services include :

  • In-home services are provided to homebound and disabled persons. these services help people stay in their own homes and with their families for as long as possible. In-home services include home-delivered meals, home health services, homemaker or personal care, and respite care to assist elderly caregivers.
  • Community-based services are provided at central locations. These include adult day care, senior center programs, group setting meals, legal services, elder abuse prevention, employment services, long-term care ombudsman, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Access services help people connect with appropriate services. Information & Assistance and Care Management help persons locate appropriate services and assist in evaluating choices of care.

Annual Report

FY2016 Annual Report 

Our Mission and Philosophy

The Region IV Area Agency on Aging, Inc., a private not-for-profit corporation, has been the nerve center for aging services in Southwest Michigan since its beginning in 1974. In its delivery of services, and in its advocacy, and in its provision of information, the Area Agency on Aging works to assure the highest quality of life for the older persons it is committed to serve.

The Mission of the Area Agency on Aging is Offering Choices for Independent Lives.

The Area Agency on Aging is committed to seeing that service systems are operated effectively and efficiently. The Agency centers its activities on the needs of its clients and their families, with an abiding commitment to Continuous Quality Improvement.

And the Agency, as the designated steward of the monies it receives, is constantly vigilant that its funding sources -- both public and private -- may be assured that the funding under its purview is spent wisely.

For more information about the Agency and ways to support its mission of Offering Choices for Independent Lives, visit our Making a Difference page or call us at 269-983-0177 or toll-free at 800-442-2803.