Legal assistance is availble is available to seniors (age 60+) with legal concerns through representation, advice and referrals.

Connect with the following resources for assistance or call the Info Line for Aging and Disability at (800) 654-2810 for more information.

Legal Aid of Western Michigan - (888) 783-8190 Provides free legal assistance to low income persons and seniors in non-criminal, non-fee generating matters. The attorneys at Legal Aid of Western Michigan provide a full range of legal assistance to eligible clients. The program also has a long history of community partnerships addressing the needs of low income, Seniors, persons with handicaps, and Domestic Violence survivors. Services include:

  • Counsel and advice--including telephone intake, advice &  brief service;
  • Representation in cases with administrative agencies;
  • Representation in Michigan Courts.

Legal Hotline for Michigan Seniors (Elder Law of Michigan) - (866) 400-9164 Provide services that address a variety of issues and problems - including legal, financial, pension, economic, food security, and more. We believe that you should not have to make decisions like choosing between food or medicine, or risk losing your home due to missed payments on your property taxes. As an organization, Elder Law of Michigan is committed to navigating your problems so as to find the right solutions. All you have to do is make One Call For Help!

MI Department of Civil Rights - (800) 482-3604 - Works to prevent discrimination through educational programs that promote voluntary compliance with civil rights laws and investigates and resolves discrimination complaints. It also provides information and services to businesses on diversity initiatives, and equal employment law.