My husband has decided we should go camping. We camped for many years when our kids were young, and have great memories of those times. We camped in tents, on the hard ground, and as the years went on we were able to borrow Grandpa’s trailer. Caught in a moment of sweet nostalgia, I thought it sounded fun, so I said, “yes!”

Now, I’m thinking it through. We’re renting a camper, so that’s on the pro side of the list. It has a bathroom in it, so I think that’s on the pro side as well. I don’t know how it works though, so it may end up on the other list. We used to just walk over to the campground bathroom with our flip-flops on. But now bathroom trips occur more often than they used to, and I feel a little different about using bathrooms in the woods where critters may surprise me.

Supposedly we can park the trailer at the campground, and in “five easy minutes” have it all set up. I wonder if that time frame is for 30-year-olds, or if it applies to 60-somethings? While we’re fairly fit, we have had a few new parts installed – three hips, a couple knee surgeries…you know, the usual. And so what if it takes us a half hour. That’s part of the adventure, right?

I expect we’ll take walks around the park. We did a lot of that in those early camping days. We may not go quite as far, but that’s okay. We’re also taking our dog with us, and she won’t let us just sit around. That’s a good thing.

And now I’m thinking about the dog. She’ll probably hear the move of every raccoon, squirrel and cricket, and will be forced to protect us with her ferocious bark. And I suppose there will be children around the grounds to annoy her as well. Do campers still play loud music at night? I do not want to be one of those grumpy seniors who complains about such things. Maybe we’ll go out and dance to their music until they retreat.

Now the cooking part I have no concerns about. We cook outdoors eight months out of the year anyway, so looking forward to that. But if it rains, I hope the stove works. Do we have to bring propane? Fill the water tank? I think those things will be my husband’s jobs. It will definitely be interesting. Hopefully we won’t be more tired when we return than when we set out.

But my optimism is growing. We both love to read, play cards, listen to baseball playoffs on the radio, and just hang out together. It will be nice to do those things out in the woods, smelling the fall air. And we’ll likely laugh together as we work through the things we don’t know how to do anymore.

I do know how to make a great campfire. Marshmallows and hot dogs will be roasted over the fire, which brings its own kind of peace. So, with my cup half full, we’re off on an adventure at this new stage of our lives.

What will your adventure be?